Robert Stamboliev​

Robert Stamboliev

Master Teacher / Voice Dialogue


I work internationally as a psychologist, trainer, coach and relationship therapist. I am inspired to enhance consciousness in individuals and organisations.


Man often thinks and acts mechanically, identifies himself with all sorts of thoughts and ideas and as a result events ‘happen’ to him, without any awareness or choice. What you are in essence, sleeps.

Consciousness work is essential to ‘awaken’, to liberate yourself of your conditioning and to be able to make real choices. This applies to the individual, but also to organisations and countries. Our planet needs consciousness!

My approach in coaching? After a clear diagnosis I propose a number of sessions, depending on the question this usually varies between 3 and 10 appointments. In this trajectory often a swift transformation takes place, through an approach in which I integrate different methods. A colleague described this as follows: coaching with a therapeutic touch, an eclectic approach from the ’empty middle’.

Since 1983 I put the Voice Dialogue method on the map in Europe and founded the Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP) in 1988. The educational and training programs of the ITP have been developed under my guidance, in interaction with a selection of trainers and students.

Next to that I have developed leadership programs for various organizations and I also enjoy facilitating the development of excellence of process workers (trainers, coaches, therapists, managers, teachers).

To Voice Dialogue facilitators I offer supervision and Masterclasses, worldwide.

Over the years I have written many articles, some of these are onm this website. In 1988 I wrote the book ‘The energetics of Voice Dialogue’. This has become an important study book for Voice Dialogue facilitators.

Recommendation by Hal and Sidra Stone
“Robert Stamboliev is a teacher of teachers and we wish to honor him appropriately. Robert, perhaps more than anyone else, has been responsible for introducing Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves in Europe. His trainings have produced – in addition to excellent facilitators – an amazing variety of brilliant teachers and creative innovators.”