Conscious Body mit Judith Hendin

Highlight 11.-12.10.2019: Einführung in Conscious Body mit Judith Hendin/USA

Conscious Body Introductory Course mit Judith Hendin

Wir freuen uns Judith Hendin/USA 2019 mit einem Einführungsworkshop zu ihrer Arbeit mit Voice Dialogue und Körper-Dialog an unserem Institut vorzustellen. 

Wann: Freitag 11.Oktober  19.30-21.00 und Samstag 12.Oktober 10.-17.30 

Am 13.Oktober bietet Judith auf Vorbuchung Einzelsitzungen an.

Kosten/Session: 180.-€ Euro

Wo: ZenZentrum Basel/Voice Dialogue Institut Basel

Kosten/Workshop: 280.-€ Euro

Anmeldeschluss (begrenzte Plätze) ist der 10.7.2019

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Anmeldung und stehen für Rückfragen gerne zur Verfügung:

Für diesen Workshop sind keine Vorkenntnisse in Voice Dialogue erforderlich. 

Conscious Body and the Energy Medicine of Selves

Conscious Body is a powerful way to decipher the messages our bodies are sending us through physical symptoms. Behind any physical ailment, a hidden inner self may be fervently calling. The discovery of this buried self often brings actual physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth. This is an introductory workshop to show you the general principles of Conscious Body, which may be of interest to both professionals and to individuals who are working with their own body challenges.

About Judith:  A Senior Voice Dialogue facilitator, Judith Hendin has practiced and taught Voice Dialogue since 1989. In this marvelous field that introduces us to our inner selves, Judith Hendin is particularly known for her fine-tuned ability to discern the distinct energies of the many selves, leading to insights and mastery for her clients and students. Judith Hendin served on the counseling staff of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, founders of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, and on the national teaching staff of author and visionary Shakti Gawain. In the 1990s, Judith Hendin developed Conscious Body, a subtle energetic method that uses any physical condition as a portal into the bodypsyche to discover hidden strengths or unexpressed feelings. She has led Conscious Body trainings across Europe and the U.S. Her book, The Self behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us, has been acknowledged as a clear explanation of the interplay between inner selves and the body, and her research has been published in the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal. She has also devised a complex and subtle way of working with trauma based on the presence of inner selves and their energies. For her whole life, Judith has been fascinated with energy. As a professional dancer, she portrayed a wide range of characters with vastly different energies. Later in graduate school, her Master’s thesis topic was, “The Concept of Energy in Western Theatrical Dance.” For thirty years, she has been developing sensitivity to the energetics of bodies and inner selves. She loves sharing this rich path, and is known for her delightful, entertaining, and deep teaching style, as well as for being an innovator in the field. 

“Judith Hendin has developed a profound and effective method for hearing the messages our bodies are trying to give us. She is a wonderful healer whose work I highly recommend.”  Shakti Gawain, Author of Creative Visualization and The Path of Transformation

“We wholeheartedly recommend Judith Hendin’s work. Her rich background has enabled her to give us a fascinating, creative, and transformative new way to think about our physical challenges…. Her teaching is excellent!”  Hal and Sidra Stone, PhDs, originators of Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves

“Judith Hendin’s unique and inspired work brings genuine physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.” Marianne Styler, Physician

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