Internationale Sommerakademie

Internationale Sommerakademie in Italien

Internationale Sommerakademie 2019 in Italien mit Robert Stamboliev /NL

Die Internationale Sommerakademie wird veranstaltet von unseren holländischen Partnern ITP unter der Leitung von Robert Stamboliev.

All levels training for professionals.

June 25 – July 7, 2019 in Varese, Italy – with Robert Stamboliev

A lot has happened since our first summer program in 1983. Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves have become increasingly popular in the world. It is gratifying to see the work spreading into many areas, such as business coaching and training, systems of body work, spiritual disciplines, and a variety of approaches to therapy and counselling. Inner Critics, the Inner Child, Pushers, Pleasers and many other similar terms have become household words.

As wonderful as this is, the downside is that the work can become superficial, and that it loses the connection with the Psychology of Selves and Transformational Psychology from which it derives.

In the Voice Dialogue Summer Academy you will be working creatively with Voice Dialogue and the underlying principles of the work and deepening the connection with its roots, the Psychology of Selves and transformational psychology.

These basic axiom’s are described in the International Voice Dialogue Agreement.

As much as possible, we want to support a sense of an ongoing movement towards excellence as we each continue to develop in our personal process and continue to develop and expand towards excellence in our professional work.

Our intention is to create a conference that is inspiring and a safe vessel for all the processes that will take place. A magical space that is facilitating for all present to take the next step.

For whom

The program is suitable both for experienced Voice Dialogue practitioners who work on a Masters Level, as well as for professionals who want to get the know the work and are interested in learning more about it.

By working in different level sub-groups led by different trainers each participant can learn on his or her own level.

Detaillierte Informationen zur Anmeldung finden Sie hier: 

Voice Dialogue Summer Academy – Italy